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korice01Find out where Zinfandel comes from!

The idea that Zinfandel originates from Europe, and in particular from coastal Dalmatia in Croatia, has been drifting in scientific circles for at least 20 years. In May of 1998, with the help of Mike Grgich and scientists from the University of Zagreb, Professor Carole Meredith of UC Davis and I ventured off into Dalmatian vineyards, in search of Zinfandel’s genetic match. The ups and downs of this exciting research project, which took place between the spring of 1998 and the fall of 2002, and the final discovery of the Croatian Zinfandel counterpart – Crljenak kaštelanski, are documented in my book “Zinfandel: A Croatian-American Wine Story”.  

The aim of “Zinfandel: A Croatian-American Wine Story” is to provide a picturesque and detailed portrayal of the search for original Zinfandel from an insider perspective. This book is a detective tale and travel log written for all Zinfandel lovers interested in reading about my first hand experience on the “Zinfandel trail” and the final discovery of its Croatian match. It is also intended for all wine lovers and visitors to Croatia who will, among the four chapters, find useful information about viticultural tradition, wine production and history of Croatia.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my story about a grape’s journey through its Croatian-American past!

Jasenka Piljac Zegarac

I know of no work in English that comes close to equaling the detail or depth of Piljac’s treatment of the wine history of her nation.
Of particular interest to American readers and to wine’s recent past is her personal involvement in the scientific solution to one of the most baffling mysteries of modern viticultural history. That is the discovery of the probable European origins of California’s world famous Zinfandel wine grape.”

Professor Charles L. Sullivan
American wine writer and author of Encyclopedia of California wine history


Publication details:

  • 132 pages excluding references, 4 chapters, 61 illustrations, 5 tables, 151 references
  • B5 format, hard cover, glossy paper, color photos
  • Reviewers:  Prof. Charles L. Sullivan, Prof. Mary Anne Saunders, Prof. Sibila Jelaska

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”The wine resources of Croatia – the homeland of Zinfandel
Vinsko bogatstvo Hrvatske – domovine Zinfandela

Accompanying multimedia CD in English and Croatian language!

cover-za webIncludes:
– a historical overview of viticulture in Croatia
– viticultural and winemaking tradition of Croatia
– an interactive wine map with viticultural regions
– grape varieties of Croatia
– climatic and ecological characteristics of Croatia
– details about the discovery of Zinfandel in Croatia
– wine production statistics
– audio background

The CD may be ordered through Amazon or directly from the author via the Contact form.